The Internet business has become one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to overcome poverty and improve your financial status.

I will never forget that scene, seeing my uncle and his wife fighting over N1000. That day I can never forget in a hurry.
How would your life look like if you don’t have money? How do you feel when your bank account is always in red?

Dear friend to be your own boss is what every rational individual ought to work towards achieving.

Let me tell you a true life story of a family I know from Adam (it is my family). My uncle is an employee of a reputable organization in Nigeria, in fact he works with an embassy in Abuja.  The payment was sufficient for him and his family, his income was OK, there consumptions and savings was within the salary he receives every month. Each day he comes back home happy, he buys goody packages for his kids. And of course he have to enjoy the delicious meals of his wife every day, most especially pounded yam with eguzi soup. He wasn’t so rich but was very comfortable with the salary he receives. But unknowing to him, there was a ticking time bomb waiting for him. He had no alternative source of income, his wife is a petty trader. It was as if he was walking in a field filled with explosives.

Lets say we were comfortable, the normal average Nigerians.

This comfortable life continued up to last quarter of 2014. Things changed but not for good, it became bad. This- he did not plan neither did he expect it. As soon as there was a change in political power, things drastically changed to worst. Daily quarrel with his beloveth wife, every little thing irritated him. As for me, I kept my distance even though I needed to ask him for N100 to have a hair -cut. I had to endure and treck to where ever am going, just to save the change and barb my hair. He was not able to keep up with the monthly expenses of the family, commodities in the market sky rocketed, there was a general increase in the prices of goods in the market without a corresponding rise in his salary. We have to rely on the income from the sales of his wife petty trading just outside the compound we reside. I remember one incident vividly, whereby his children had to fight for a cup of garri. it was that bad that I developed the habit of reading (smiles…..i learnt a lot sha) To cut the story short, my uncle started borrowing money from friends to meet up with spending, even though he had to cut down the expenditures. Things were not improving, he was not able to meet up with his house rent, debt upon debt mounted on his name.

Monthly salaries are never enough for a single person..... talk more of someone who has people depending on him.

Do you want to wait until the hard times hits you and your family? Your answer is as good as mine. My uncle waited for hard times to befall him, he was a smart man, top of his class during his time in school but was not street smart. The more he gets from his work, the more his expenses increase. Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, it happens when we don’t have a plan.

Imagine the daily embarrassments my uncle had to endure. His children have to be driven back home from school because of non-payment of school fees.

All this was happening and I was watching and learning. I made a decision never to be a salary earner but the tides was against me badly, I got a marketing job with a microfinance bank. I hated walking down the streets, begging market women to open account with us. When I left the bank, I did not tender any formal resignation letter, I just walked out of the banking hall. And eventually I had to go back to my parents’ house, I did not waste time to let them know am going into business. I had to convince my father to get a loan from the bank with the help of his friend. I was given N1,000,000 to pay back within 5 months and with interest of 11% monthly. Imagine that,… I did not think, I accepted the terms and conditions and before anyone can say Jack Robinson, I was begging for more time to pay off the loan. I struggled to pay back the loan and the business was no more. I failed because I had no direction, no one to guide me, no mentor or coaching program to learn from. It was as if the whole world was against me but I was so determined to succeed no matter what. 

It wasn't until I could clear my head, and find a mentor to HOLD MY HAND that I began to develop the balls to implement all I had learned, and make good money too.

And ever since I had NEVER regretted such decision.

My friend, you might not be married with children, you can say it will never be your portion, my uncle never expected it either. No one pray for difficult times.

Imagine my uncle as a civil servant facing such difficulties, think!!! What if he is not employed, what if he had no job, oh dear, I can’t imagine the amount of sufferings we had to endure.

Nigerian unemployment statistics shows that there is an increase yearly, 2018 (16.5%), 2017 (13.4%), 2016 (9.0%). There are no jobs, each year more graduates leave the higher institutions to the labour market in search for jobs. 

Are you thinking what am thinking? Oh yes, you get it right, this should be decreasing instead it is increasing.

I don’t know if you recall to mind the recruitment saga of the Nigeria Immigration service some years back where millions of unemployed Nigerian youth trouped in just to be accepted for screening and at the end thousand lost their lives, many were injured badly. It was an embarrassing scene for Nigeria, the so-called lion of Africa that cannot provide jobs for her citizens.



The First Ever All-in-One Internet Business e.Book and video tutorial in Nigeria.

Become your own boss with internet business and say good bye to MONTHLY STIPEND, as a salary earner you can have an alternative source of income. How would you react if I tell you that my team and i have found a solution to your money problem. This solution filled tutorial did not come out of the blue, i spent 4 years of my adult life to research, read, test, and attend seminars, conferences, to come out with this blueprint.it was not an easy journey, it consumed my time and money but am glad with the results am getting because my bank balance is smiling and my family is comfortable.  Dear friends, you will be so glad to know that what is contained in our solution packed formula is exactly the model and steps we use in our business DAILY. It has been tested over time by subscribers and proven to be scalable.

Inside the BYOB FORMULA you stand the chance of learning and getting engaged in our text, videos, widgets and plugins that are all WordPress compactable softwares which is so easy to learn.


Breaks down all hindrances and showcases reasons why most people will NEVER be successful. Exposes the ABC of digital business, even the dullest individual on earth can earn a reasonable income from it. Highlights the must needed ingredients in internet business and explodes your mind with scientific marketing. This package alone cost $245 on fiveer or elance to get a professional to write it for you.








This is a video tutorial that shows you how your products and services can stand out among many competitors and still making huge sales. Also comes with tutorial on designing your first website in just one day with a click and drag builder. In the international market, one page builder cost more than $250 but am giving it out for free. Yes, I mean it. I am giving it out for free.


I have gone a great length in making sure that my international partners release these widgets and plugins at reduced price. In fact, I got a deal that allows my Nigerian subscribers to get their hands on two different widgets and plugins at the cheapest rate ever of $110.


Watch how to buy a domain name, hosting the website and building the website of your choice from scratch without coding. Simple drag and drop templates that are so so easy to use. Autoresponders that send emails at your scheduled time. Best payment platform in Nigeria that receives payment both internationally and locally. Am also giving it out for free to any subscriber who gets the whole package.

This is a practical approach to becoming your very own money printing machine.

I must confess to you my friend, I lost thousands in ponzi schemes, I did weekly contributions to betting sites, I wasted my subscriptions, time and energy to share referral links and many more fruitless endeavors. All to earn a living and becoming financially stable.

My friend, it can be very overwhelming trying to put all these techy stuffs together, just to get a simple landing page or a squeeze page or even how to set up facebook ad account and preventing it from been ban. If you don’t find a way to ease this creation process – you might end up getting frustrated and even quit your online business before it’s started. And if you succeed, you might create a haphazard looking page, with a poor layout and probably zero optimization – which will in turn fail to convert prospects and send your ads spent down the drain.

BYOB FORMULA is a powerful tool that limits all the techy stuffs to just a click, drag and drop. “It doesn’t take long to get a landing page up and running”.

The BYOB FORMULA will teach you all that you need to know about setting up your first internet business and run a profitable campaign. Over the last 3 years my team and I have spent close to $1500 to develop this strategy and BYOB FORMULA is the result apart from the ROI.

They say experience is the best teacher. But my friend learn from my experience and take that wise decision of getting your own copy of BYOB formula.


So, why =N=15,999? You and i know that this package is more than this price.

To get the whole package of BYOB formula when it was first launched cost a total sum of =N=175,000. I have decided to give it out at a give- away price of N15,999 for now.It costs $500 to hire a freelancer on Fiverr to create just one product like this for you (without the sales page, email sequence, list builders, widgets or plugins)
That’s like N365 x $500 = N182,500… (just for one product)
Let’s not even factor the domain name and web hosting (useless naija hosting firms charge N8,500 for this).

The amount of time you have to put into research in other to create, build and sell your product is brain draining, too many sleepless nights and not to talk of the psychological trauma associated with being a newbie in internet business without having someone to hold your hands. I tell you my friend, you will totally fail and will be discouraged. I learnt this the hard way but you can make a wise decision of becoming a productive lazy guy by allowing me to be your very own mentor.

I have compiled many wealth of experiences and knowledge and that of my partners in a simple e.book and video tutorial exposing the secrets to becoming financially free and softwares to market any product and service of your dream.


  • Secrets to wealth creation
  • Science of money making
  • How to turn ideas into products
  • Hot product ideas
  • Steps to developing a product/service
  • What to sell to make millions
  • Where to sell this products and services
  • Why internet business is the future.
  • Why most online businesses fail.
  • Reasons why that restaurant in your street is still in business.
  • How to write a high converting advertising campaign.
  • Samples of sexy killing sales pages
  • Tips to writing a quick CTA sales page.
  • 10 reasons why most Nigerians will NEVER succeed.

It will interest you to know my dear friend that many have patronize this product and immediately they started implementing and following the steps in the book, the results was unimaginable.

And this is only but a few of what my clients said

When I came across the advert online, I was like Nigerian again. Truth be told, most Nigerians have spoilt the internet business but I decided to check this guy (Nonso) out and what I found was mind blowing. This guy really knows what he is doing. His BYOB Formula is top of the trend in digital marketing and I won’t fail to recommend it to friends. My business has improved, thanks to BYOB formula.
WebDesigner & Blogger
I was finding it difficult to market my business online in the past not until my kid sister asked if I check out this BYOB formula she read online. At first I was skeptical but later decided to give it a trial. It worked like voodoo, I was surprised at the results. At present, I have expanded my business and profits is more than what I was getting initially.
Fashion Designer
After spending more than N500,000 buying and trying different products. None can be compared to the value BYOS formula has provided in my business and personally life. Sales have doubled, expansion on the process, i now have more employess. What more can i say.
Businessman and Civil servant
Am a health and fitness coach based in Abuja. Before than I was this regular guy that wakes up in the morning and head to gym to exercise. Out of curiosity I saw BYOB Formula on linkedin. Right now I have turned my daily morning activity into a profitable business.
Gym Instructor
As a graduate from ABU Zaria with Bsc in Economics. I moved from office to office submitting application letters, over to job unrelated to my field. I became frustrated as I grow older without a job and still leaving with my parents at the age of 35. The break through came on my usual surfing the net looking for opportunities when I read about BYOB Formula. I had to borrow money from my mother to buy the course. I started almost immediately I was granted access. Within months I gave my mother the money she borrowed to me with enough extra for her to invest her business. This was the best investment I had ever done in my entire life.
Economist & Content Curator
I am into dropshipping business, sales were not profitable but When I saw the advert on facebook, I quickly read it and went straight to the landing page. I was so shocked at the amount of information and the price of the BYOB FORMULA. All the packages were cheap compared to other products that I have tried in the past. Though I was skeptical at first but I decided to buy the course because I needed to improve my business and of which BYOB FORMULA provided the solutions I needed.
Digital Marketer
I am a mum and an entrepreneur. I used to be a banker in marketing department in one of the commercial banks and was earning a 6 figure salary monthly. But despite the salary, I wasn't happy at all - no job satisfaction, I didn't see myself fulfilling purpose with my life, no time for my hubby and children, no time for other things I have passion for like starting my personal business and ministry as a singer, I rush in and out of the house daily just to meet up with the demands of my job and family, infact, I was frustrated and always under pressure. Did I tell you that despite my 6 figure salary, I still wasn't having enough to sustain me monthly, yes, it was really that terrible I was still trying to find a way out of this when my friend, introduced me to a business that could help me gain both financial and time freedom, which was what I really needed. I bought the BYOB Formula and started a business of my dream and now the story has changed for good, I now have time for my family and ministry, I have also been able to start my personal business as a result of the financial and time freedom I have from the business. The biggest gain of all is the personal development and how am able to show other people how they can also gain time and financial freedom and become better versions of themselves. Now I am a happy wife, mother and entrepreneur.


  • A PONZI SCHEME like MMM, Crowdrising, Twinkas, Loopers, icharity etc

BYOB FORMULA is more than a product, it is more than making money- it is FREEDOM.

Freedom to choose your own hours, freedom to do what you truly love because you now have an automated income system pulling income for you while you sleep. Freedom to decide how much you pay as tax.




 Many clients report massive improvement financially within 1 month

Can often take months, years before actual result is seen.

 Motivates clients to be creative

Typically involves awkwardly believing that working hard pays.

 Focuses on your passions, talents into business.

Stereotyped steps to business

 Results are scalable

Results are under probability

Gives clients a great deal of satisfaction

Clients don’t get the value of what they pay for.

 Requires clients to work smartly and earn more

Preaches that hard-work is the order of the day.

 Low cost, at affordable price

Very expensive package.

P.S: Dear friend I always tell young guys that making money legitimately is actually the simplest and easiest step. It pays at long-run. In legitimate business you don’t harma or blow, you grow in business. If I can do it, then you can also do it.  I started from scratch with little or no knowledge on internet business.

Do you want to be that person that constantly complain of how our leaders had failed us? Do not be that guy that always give excuses for everything. Your future is in your hand, don’t waste time procrastinating. Time waits for no one.

I want to teach you how you can make up to one million naira monthly profit as a self-employed Nigerian Youth

Don’t be the one left out, take action now and thank yourself later. A self-discovering journey on how to turn talents, dreams and passions (even if you don’t have any) into a profitable business from the scratch.


Some Commonly Asked Questions

You get from all the best selling niches. Make Money Online, Personal Development, Health/Fitness and Relationships. You can’t go wrong on these!

Lol. Is the manager of your university bookshop fake for selling medical books? After all he’s not a doctor. The way I see it, those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter. Your target customers are too eager to solve their problem to be asking you silly questions.

I’ve included step by step approach to guide you. Besides my concierge team will always be available to answer your questions.

Recovering your investment is actually too small to be a goal. If you’re aiming higher, then we can tell you some people will make 8 figures from this in the next 12 months. Others will do 7 figures. Most will do 6 figures. It’s all dependent on how geared up you are to get your results.

We’ve made this so simple that you only need focus on one thing. Traffic. We’ve also inserted a report of the biggest traffic sources available online to choose from.

NO. If you don’t trust my judgement, there’s no reason to give me your money anyway.

DISCLAIMER: This website and it’s partners have no relationship with Facebook, Google or any of the advertising platforms you may have seen our ads on. This website and all of it’s contents is a property of ExpressHub Publishing ltd.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Every single income claim and proof we’ve shown you today are 100% true as stated on the website but the results are not typical, they are my own results from 3 years of being a internet marketer, nothing is average about me.You cannot expect to experience similar results overnight, some days I work as much as 20 hours, and because I don’t know how much time you’re willing to commit, how experienced you are or your total performance as a human being, I cannot in any way or form guarantee you’ll get my kind of results. In BYOB formula, I did my best to make sure I teach you what is working right now but how you apply it and your experience will be the determining factor on the kind of results you will get, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANYTHING.

(C) 2018. ExpressHub Publishing.


It is a shame for you not to make GOOD money- when they do it so easily. Do You Know That Digital Marketing Has Become The #1 Type Of Internet Business In The 21st Century. Yes, it is true, over the years, digital marketing has actually become the #1 selling business in the world but unfortunately Nigeria again is left behind. How would you like to invest in digital marketing, internet business that is legitimate and scalable?

Those who do invest will often see some of these benefits

  1. ENVY: become the envy of your friends when they see you are the first one with million Naira legit business.
  2. INVESTMENT: Watch as your investment goes up in value daily.
  3. HAPPINESS: Become happier every day when you get credit alerts while working in your bedroom, living room or your office.


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